Gezondheid en zorg

SPD (Student Health Practice) Policy

In the Student Health Practice we have taken some measures to ensure that the situation for ourselves and our patients is as safe as possible.
We ask all patients always to call the practice first before coming. Other measurements are decribed below.
Our number is: 015-7999050

Update 17-9-20

Due to the increase in corona infections among students, we have decided to tighten up the Corona measures again.

  • Patients are asked to come to the practice with a mouth mask and wear it in the waiting room.
  • Complaints are preferably handled by telephone if possible.
  • Small surgery and placement of intra uterine devices are being postponed for the time being.
  • Non-urgent care is limited.

Course of events:

Everyone who wants to visit the practice is asked to call first. He/she will be asked for respiratory symptoms and/or fever.

  • In a suspected case, it will be assessed whether the patientís problem can be dealt with by a doctor over the telephone. If so, the patient will be called back by the doctor.
  • If the situation is too urgent to deal with over the phone, the doctor will be consulted. A possibility is to be asked to go for a check-up at the Huisartsenpost Delft. From March 18 th , they see patients during the day, who are suspected of having the Coronavirus.

Suspicion for Coronavirus means treatment as if it were Coronavirus. This counts for anyone with one, or more of the following complaints:

Cold, sneezing, eye infection, coughing, sore throat, difficulty breathing, fever.

Therefore, a simple cold without fever can also mean you carry the Coronavirus!

Since the first of june it's possible for everyone with symptoms to test if you are having the virus with a nose and throat swab. It's organised by the government. To make an appointment on the regional test location in Nootdorp you can call: 0800-1202


Treatment when Corona is suspected at this moment:

  • When experiencing mild symptoms (which is usually the case), stay home. So stay in your room! Avoid contact with others until the symptoms have disappeared for at least 24 hours.
  • In case of increasing complaints or trouble with breathing call us/your GP (015- 7999050) We will assess how severe the situation is by looking at your symptoms and will estimate whether itís safe to stay at home.

Most of the population in our practice is young and the risks for them will be minimal. However, we would like to bring to your attention that, among students, there are people who are still at risk. People who use immunosuppressant drugs, cancer patients receiving treatments, people with cardiovascular diseases and many other risk groups. For these people, getting infected with coronavirus can be life threatening!

For them, itís very important to make clear arrangements regarding hygiëne, and distancing in their home environment, and, very importantly, about what to do when someone gets sick at home. This could be as little as a simple cold. This is not exaggerated. 

We do notice that paying attention to these issues is already happening on a large scale, but we very much want to emphasize the importance of this. Weíre willing to help find a solution if a situation occurs. Please feel free to call us. Take care of each other!