Gezondheid en zorg (ENG)

The Student Medical Practice Delft (SPD) offers some options to gain online insight into your medical care. We do this with the help of an internet portal:

This portal gives you access to a part of your medical file via a secure connection. Logging in is done using DigiD. It is accessible to all patients older than 16 who are registered with our practice.

When you are registered on the portal, you will receive a confirmation from us as your healthcare provider. As soon as you log into the portal for the first time as a patient, you will digitally sign the contract with your healthcare provider. With this you are assured of a good reliable exchange of medical data.

Online options:

Make appointments online:
It's possible to schedule an appointment with the doctor or the assistant online up to 10 days in advance. If the online spots are full, it doesn't mean there are no more spots. We also keep room to plan through the assistant. This can be done by telephone.

It's possible to ask a question to the doctor or doctor's assistant or to provide feedback via an e-consultation. These questions need to be short and uncomplicated. You can expect an answer within 3 days. If the question is too complex or if we have additional questions to you, you will be asked to make a regular appointment.
E-consultations are charged as normal consultations. You can reclaim the costs from the insurance. 

View testresults:
If results of, for example, blood tests come in, they will first be assessed by a doctor. You can then view them online. The results will include advice regarding the interpretation of the results. So it might be advised to make another appointment to talk about further treatment.