Gezondheid en zorg

Preventive Student Healthcare (SGZ)

The SGZ offers medical care (Student Health Practice) by the general practioner and preventive medical care. It is located in a primary healthcare-centre with various other medical and paramedical facilities (e.g. general practitioner, physiotherapist). 


The SGZ offers the following services:

  • counselling in case of an illness or handicap that is hindering your university studies
  • general health advice (individually or communally)
  • courses to prevent RSI (repetitive strain injury)
  • medical check up & certificate for special sports or internships
  • traveller's health: counselling and vaccinations (internship, study related trips, holidays)
  • medical care by GP

What to do in case of Illness?

If you need a doctor, you can make an appointment by telephone or internet to consult a general practitioner (GP)or you can visit the open consultation hour of the Student Health Practice. If you are very ill and unable to come to the clinic, you can ask for a "house call"

Please bring your insurance card and passport with you.


The preventive services offered by the SGZ are in general free if you are referred by your faculty student counsellor or TU lecturer.

The TU Delft will reimburse a part of the costs ( 50,-) for advice and vaccinations (only if obtained or carried out by the SGZ) for students going on an internship or study trip if they are compulsory or recommended for the country in question. The other costs should be payed after the vaccinaties have been given. In many cases you will be able to claim these costs from your insurance company.

A medical examination, necessary for internship or studytrip, is free of charge.

The costs for medical care by the GP are in general covered by your insurance company.


Consultation for preventive medical care is by appointment. You can make an appointment by phone.

If you need an appointment with the GP you can make it by phone or internet.

Without appointment you can visit the GP during the open consultation hour from Monday till Friday (11.00-11.45 am) on the campus (Leeghwaterstraat 152)


Student Health Care
Kampveld 10A

2611DA Delft

Open consultation hour GP (Mon-Fri 11.00-11.45): Leeghwaterstraat 152

Telephone: 015 - 2121507
Opening hours: 08.30 - 12.30 and 13.30 - 16.30