Gezondheid en zorg

General information

The Student Medical Practice Delft (SPD) provides medical care to all students enrolled in the practice. 

Telephone: 015 - 7999050
Opening hours: 08.30 - 12.30 and 13.30 - 16.45

For whom

To be enrolled in the practice you should get registrated. If you live in Delft, you can register. If you live outside Delft, you must register with a general practitioner in your place of residence.

If you are a studenten at TU Delft but you live outside Delft, you can contact the Student Practice for in an emergency situation. We can advice you in finding a GP in your residence and offer medical care in the meantime.

Route to location

Route to 2611DA Kampveld 10a ( in the centre of Delft)


For information about the costs use this link

Having a GP

All people in the Netherlands have their own GP or GP practice in which they are enrolled. In order to be seen by a GP, enrollment is a necessity. 

The General Practitioner (GP, or Huisarts in Dutch) is almost always the first person to consult when facing health problems. Dutch GPs see a range of patients, from babies to pregnant women, adults and the elderly. The GP is familiar with a range of symptoms such as skin conditions, gynaecological problems, infections, psychological problems, airway problems, or problems with the heart, as well as headaches, stomachaches and sexual complaints.

The GPs can perform a number of tests themselves and can request a wide range of other tests, such as STD tests, pap smears, blood work, ECGs and X-rays. In the majority of cases the GP will treat the complaint directly, either by giving advice or prescribing medication. The GP also does minor surgery, such as treating wounds or doing sutures, and the placement of Intrauterine Devices (IUDs).

Be aware that the GP does not have any knowledge regarding dental problems; for these you will need to see the dentist!

If the GP is not able to do the diagnoses or treatment, you will be referred to a specialist in the hospital.

You can give other doctors permission to view your most important medical information. It can be useful out of office hours when (in case of an emergency) you need to visit the hospital. If you want to arrange permission you can follow this link.

Laboratory results and prescriptions

For laboratory results and prescriptions you can call between 08.00 and 10.00 on weekdays. Telephone: 015-7999050.

Out of office hours

In case of an emergency you can call: 015-2511930

Your own GP will be available from Mo-Fri from 08:00 – 17:00h. Outside these hours there is a GP service, which can be reached in the evening, night and the weekends. In Delft this so-called ‘huisartsenpost’ can be found near the hospital; Reinier de Graafweg 3A in Delft. You can reach the service at 015-2511930. It is also possible to do a consult by telephone.  (huisartsenpost Delft)